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Leon Rosselson and The Last Chance: Being morally right in a morally wrong world

Leon Rosselson is one of the best kept secrets of British music. He is an amazing lyricist, an under-appreciated tunesmith and as clever a writer of protest songs as they come. He is also a proponent of the kind of politics that sound good … Continue reading

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The celebrity hate factor formula: H=S/(TxC)

Last week, while reading a Cracked article titled 5 Celebrities Who Get More Hate Than They Deserve (Part 2), I started thinking about why some famous people receive so much hate and came up with a little formula. H=S/(TxC) Hatred factor equals … Continue reading

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Pushing fat people off bridges. Trolley problem reconsidered

When you read many popular-science books, you start to encounter the same stories and examples again and again. It seems every book on probability has a section on the Monty hall problem, every book on sociology mentions the murder of Kitty … Continue reading

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