Random thoughts of a random fellow, Take 15

How hot was it in Paris today?
I actually saw a painted watch melting.

The opposite of mañana is Jetzt.

Doesn’t matter how many films you already have on your hard drive, you always want to watch the last one you downloaded.

Even if he is the only inmate, the prisoner believes the gallows are for someone else

Give them milk, and two years later they ask for cookies.

The holy Quran, 99 out of 100 terrorists swear by it.

The only important question for humanity: will we make other planets habitable before we make ours inhabitable?


People with no organ donor cards, nothing good will come out of them.

“Palestinian” is the name Arabs give to their mistakes.

I wanted to take a picture at the Louvre, but they said I couldn’t.
Turns out they are very valuable.

Israel is actually quite safe.
We haven’t had a war in year.

The main obstacle to world peace, is my lack of ambition.

When will they have a “take your enthusiasm for work day”?

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