Random thoughts of a random fellow Vol. 14

The great thing about life is, you can die at any moment.
Which means your enemies can die at any moment.
So you should acquire more enemies to improve those odds.

Amazing the work you can do when you do a half assed job.

New study shows that 90% of study results can be obtained  just by asking someone smart

The man who invented Pringles, had his body buried in a Pringles can.
I wonder what they’ll do to the selfie stick inventor.

I know  we’ve only started this message board war, but can I call you Hitler?

Doesn’t matter how many movies you have on your hard drive, you always want to watch the last one you downloaded

The world is my oyster, it’s bad and it makes me want to throw up.

Dear Adam Smith, the hand may be invisible, but I can still feel it in my pocket.

When you quote facts and the other side quotes ideals, you know you won the argument.

The diet battle is decided in the supermarket. in the kitchen you are just negotiating for terms of surrender.

The only thing that beats childhood friends are childhood bullies.

Too many Facebook friends?Arab-Israeli conflict to the rescue!

There is no time wasted like time wasted reading platitudes.


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