Random thoughts of a random fellow Vol. 12


Random Game of Thrones thought:
If I had a pet dragon, I’d call him Mr. Burns.

They say the two keys to increasing personal productivity are being consistent and making to-do lists.
I have the exact same to-do list every day and am still unproductive.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
I bet he throws like a girl.

I try not to hate dead people, leaves me more hatred for the living.

You can tell how close summer is by how overweight you feel.

The only thing you learn, while working at a survey company, is not to trust surveys.

Even after three Lord of the Rings movies and two Hobbit movies, I still can’t tell the difference between Elf-acting and plain bad acting.

Rich and mean people are like video-game bosses.
When they die, all they leave behind are lots of gold coins.

I hope Google Glass will show us the path back to  the old simple things, like lynch mobs.

The only big decision people should make on their feet is whether to fight or run.

This was a classic case of something brand new.

Put your money where your mind is: support Wikipedia!



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