Random thoughts of a random fellow Vol. 11

Things future generations will appreciate:
1 Clean water and air
2 World peace
3 Not having to wait years for new episodes of Sherlock

There’s so much news coverage these days, can’t they let us fight in peace?

Memorizing past dates is pointless, they never return.

Religious Fanatic: someone who believes god is almighty and in desperate need of his help.

People will only believe in a god who follows their rules.

While Christians are still struggling to get the true meaning of Christmas, the Jews had it nailed 2000 years ago.

Age is nothing but a number, a number time does on you. 

If  stupid people are ants, then Internet comment sections are ant farm.

The plural of Agnolotti  is pasta.

The difference between artist and celebrity is the difference between John Lennon and Mark Chapman.

Too many want to get rich, too few want to make a living.

Relationships and freedom are mutually exclusive.

I love the balance in nature, for every piece of luggage lost, there is one found.

The only person who cannot logically be said to be worse than Hitler is Hitler himself.

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