Random thoughts of a random fellow. Volume 9

Most Palestinians have lived in Palestine for centuries, namely the 20th and the 21st.

Hooters restaurants  are a shameless exploitation of the male gender.

All you can eat is a euphemism for eat till you regret it.

When watching tennis, I root for the player who wins the first set.

Comedy is tragedy plus time, with me its nanoseconds.

The colors yellow and black serve as a warning in nature, hence the German flag.

Lies, damn lies, statistics, forwarded emails.

My family played a role in Eichmann trial, they padded his file.

Google glass advertising slogan:  you wouldn’t hit a guy with glass.

I don’t suffer from Tourette’s, I rather enjoy it.

Game of thrones is built on the concept that no dialogue sounds ridiculous when uttered by a British actor.

After reading three QI books in one week, my inner voice sounds like Stephen fry.

Knowing a particular chef’s name and reputation is of no concern to me, unless I have to eat him.

Presents should be useful and temporary, like the love and friendship they stand for.

Awful moments make me think that life is worth leaving.

If meat is murder, then milk is robbery and eggs are extortion.

Gay pride parade should be renamed the gay shame parade, it made me ashamed of my under-exercised body.

Animal behavior is the best indicator of approaching earthquakes, so when I caught my cat Googling ‘Tsunami’ , I knew I was screwed.



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