Random thoughts of a random fellow. vol. 7

If you really want to surprise people these days, try honesty.

Can Archaeologists report new findings?

Thanks a lot Mr  Obama, now every action movie is gonna have a “waiting for gun license” sequence.

Reality TV is not a new concept. puppet shows have existed for 5000 years.

The future will be present by  the time it gets here

Dostoevsky’s Crime and punishment deals with one of mankind’s most cherished  dreams: killing the landlord

If you want your kids to grow up a genius, they should listen to Leopold Mozart and not baby Mozart.

The likeliest apocalypse is an asteroid hit, the unlikeliest is everyone slips on a banana peel at the same time.

Thanks to global warming everyone’s a scientist.

My brother is so annoying. I sent him to a Buddhist class and the Buddhists beat him up.

LEDbelly a good name for a singing robot.

The great thing about dining with vegans is you always come ahead in the “can I try some of your dish” game.

Societies built on idealism work great until the toilet gets clogged.

Why are people looking for a “serious” relationship? I want a hilarious one.

Dear Jennifer Lawrence, let’s grow old together.
I’ll go first.

It’s a good thing I’m so lazy, otherwise many people would be unemployed.

Facebook is about the people you care about, being obscured by people you barely know.

Hitler dreamed of a Berlin whose streets are paved with Goldbergs.

The Arab spring is about replacing many recent Dictators with a single ancient one.

An Economist is someone who uses scientific terms to back up his personal views and interests.

Psychology is to the human mind what forensics is to the body.

For the last time Internet: I did not “forget my password”.
I’m just having trouble recalling which one I used for this particular one.

I’m not rich. I like to think of myself as a poor person with money.

“Are you a tourist here?”
“We are all tourists here.”

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