Random thoughts of a random fellow. Vol. 5

The enemy of every religion is not a different religion, it’s critical thinking.

Conspiracy theories is what Idiots have in place of sophistication.

My favorite animal on the planet is David Attenborough.

I don’t mind it if you think you’re Brutus, my problem starts when you start stabbing people.

Being proud of something you didn’t choose, like race and nationality, is what you do when you have nothing else to be proud of.

We expect our leaders to be extremely honest, extremely brave and extremely wise, so how can we expect them to relate to most of humanity?

The moral of the Batman trilogy is: you can get away with anything, as long as you are rich enough.

When in Rome, do as Titus Pullo does.

The enemy of my enemy has impeccable taste.

I’m not a phony, but  sometimes I pretend to be one.

Punctuality and love of animals are my main character traits.
Someday I hope to combine them and open up a ruthlessly efficient petting zoo

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