Random thoughts of a random fellow. Vol. 4

I have  very simple tastes,  Oscar Wilde’s.

Mother Teresa made millions during her lifetime,  blew it all on charity

If Palestinians  descend from ancient Jews, does that mean they also killed Christ?

War is fun as long as nobody gets hurt.

An Anti-Zionist is someone who thinks 22 Arab countries are not enough and one Jewish country is too many.

I’ve done an awful lot of reading in my life, it’s time I gave something back.

Extremely friendly people make lousy best friends, you have to share them with  many others.

No detective novels are published in the Arab world, everybody knows the Jews did it.

everyone’s against child labor until it comes to their own child.

Most conflicts arise from the fact that every consequence is also a cause.

Any system containing human factors will eventually fail or become exploitable.

Even if Kobe Bryant gets the the same number of rings as Jordan, he still has far fewer than Sauron.

If you are a vegetarian, you watch what  you eat.
If not, what you eat watches you.

With today’s economy you are either a general manager or you generally don’t manage.

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