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Random thoughts of a random fellow. Vol. 4

I have  very simple tastes,  Oscar Wilde’s. Mother Teresa made millions during her lifetime,  blew it all on charity If Palestinians  descend from ancient Jews, does that mean they also killed Christ? War is fun as long as nobody gets … Continue reading

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Turrón or not to run. Guide to a Spanish treat.

As the days are getting shorter and colder our primitive bodies start regarding pastries and sweets with a rekindled interest. Supermarket aisles which we totally avoided a month ago are now beckoning us with their calorie-rich goodness and whispering in … Continue reading

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Pushing fat people off bridges. Trolley problem reconsidered

When you read many popular-science books, you start to encounter the same stories and examples again and again. It seems every book on probability has a section on the Monty hall problem, every book on sociology mentions the murder of Kitty … Continue reading

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