Life imitates blog drafts. Netanyahu, bombs, Wile E Coyote and me

A few weeks ago I started work on a blog post regarding the claims of a massacre in Gaza during 2009’s Gaza operation/war.

The post will show how absurd any claim of a massacre is using only simple mathematics and common sense.
To accentuate how incompetent the Israeli army would have to be to only kill a few hundred civilians if it was targeting them, I used everyone’s favorite symbol of cartoon-like incompetence: Wile E Coyote.

I last worked on the draft of the post on the 26th of September.
Two days later Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech at the UN which has quickly turned into a tiny meme.
The bomb drawing he used to warn of Iran’s nuclear plan looks like something out of Loony Tunes  and the Wile E comparisons were there before you could say Star-Wars-Kid.

So just to set the record straight, my post (draft) and headline were here before Netanyahu’s unfortunate drawing as shown by this screenshot.

Better continue working on that blog post again.
Meep Meep!

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