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Random thoughts of a random fellow. Vol. 3

Going to a sport event is about fulfilling a dream, the dream of verbally abusing millionaires. What McDonald’s did to the word meat, Facebook is doing to the word friend. Technology brings distant people together and alienates people who are close. Questions … Continue reading

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Chai Yo Thai food in Berlin. When the wisdom of crowds goes seriously wrong.

This may be the last post I write. It’s not because I’m giving up on writing, it’s been an enjoyable experience so far. The reason is, my stomach aches and I feel like I’ve been poisoned. They say pride comes … Continue reading

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The rational guide to dining. Part I: how to find the best restaurants.

This guide is for people who enjoy eating and enjoy searching and finding. If you are the sort of person who eats at McDonald’s while on vacation outside the states, this is probably not the right guide for you, although there’s … Continue reading

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