Random thoughts of a random fellow. Vol. 2

Those who learn history are sometimes forced to repeat a semester.

I’m sorry but this is my CV and if you don’t like it,  well…. I have other ones.

The Iphone 5 best new feature is longer battery life, Steve Jobs must be scrolling in his grave.

When will Prisons, funeral homes and hookers start using foursquare?

A recent video shows Muslims in a very negative light, it’s called the daily news.

If one death is a tragedy and a million deaths are a statistic, are one thousand deaths a thousand tragedies or one thousandth of a statistic?

Do Koreans on a diet eat puppies?

Veganism is a ground roots movement.

Due to the distances involved in interplanetary travel, we won’t be seeing any weird little creatures on earth anytime soon.
Guess we’ll have to settle for the Japanese.

Sentences we won’t be hearing in 20 years time: “forget about her, there’s plenty of fish in the sea.”

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