The system works! more praise to Amanda Shires and the Internet gods

I wasn’t expecting that.

This blog was started a few months ago just to see if I can get some writing done on a weekly basis; sort of like twisting my own arm for my own good.

I have zero experience writing a blog and have so far put very little  effort into promoting it.
My posts have been sent into the big internet out there to fend for themselves among the millions of pages being written every hour, like a baby sea turtle  emerging from the sand and making its way into the endless cold sea.

Most people use their social networking profile to get their friends to read their posts, but I haven’t done that (yet) for two reasons.
I want to know whether people actually like the stuff I write or just me and I want to have a more extensive body of work before showing it to people I know.

So far the traffic on my website has been consistent with my promotion efforts.
About a view  a day.
I got a surprisingly high number of likes and subscriptions, but I think some might be bots (pretty fitting since I have Hedonism bot as my avatar) .

Then, a couple of days ago though I noticed a spike in my traffic.
It was all directed at my recent post on  the immensely talented singer songwriter Amanda Shires. 
At first I thought it was some malfunction; maybe even bots go off the tracks when they hear “when you need a train it never comes”.
Then I realized all the hits were coming from Twitter and a little more research revealed that Amanda Shires linked on her Twitter account to the humble post on my two-bit blog.
Now just how cool is that?

I have no idea how something this unexpected  happened in just five days but I gotta say a big thank you to whoever brought my little tribute to  Amanda’s attention and a another big thank you to the lovely lady herself: may you never need a tetanus shot!

These are some amazing times we live in folks!
I think I’m gonna write a Bob Dylan post next.

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