What’s ruining the economy- true story


Was at a fashion department store in Berlin, looking to buy an overcoat when i saw one that looked interesting and was recently priced down.
Tried it on in front of the mirror and an old experienced saleswoman told me it really fits my style and figure and at that price it’s a no-brainer.

Since i don’t have a “style” and i don’t really trust my taste in clothes i thought i’d ask for a second opinion before buying it.

So i asked a younger saleswoman there what she thought about the overcoat.

The woman focused her gaze on me for 2.5 seconds and then said in rapid succession.
“the coat is too long”
“the sleeves are too short”
“the shoulders are too narrow”
“the waist is too broad”

I thanked her, put the coat away and left the store.

So i guess now we know what’s ruining the economy: too much honesty.


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