Dope is the thing with feathers: introducing Amanda Shires

It’s an annual tradition of mine.
When the streets are covered with snow and the houses are bedecked with Christmas ornaments I go hunting.

I scour the forums and the bookstores for the finest  music the passing year had to offer and try to find all the gems that eluded me from January to December.
Recently, thanks to Spotify , I can download end-of-the-year lists and play them directly on my PC.
It’s a wonderful age we live in People!

Out of the 70 or so tunes I listened to on infinite loop there were many good ones and some forgettable ones but only two made me stop in my tracks.

The first was Video Games by Lana Del Rey, a monster hit with more than 42 million hits on Youtube; all of which are well-deserved.

The second has less than 23,000 views and according to Google auto-complete is less popular as a search term than “When you need a tetanus shot.”

Since I don’t plan on visiting Texas in the near future, I feel physically safe in making the following statement.
Hank Williams would be proud to be the author of this song.
It’s an instant classic, a standard, a chestnut, a nugget of the purest rock’n’rollin’ country Americana.
It’s a simple song on first listening and it’s still a simple song after you hear it for the hundredth time.

The writer and singer of this brilliantly simple and simply brilliant song is  Miss Amanda Shires who also possesses  a beautiful and compelling voice that makes you listen to, instead of just hear the lyrics.
Her songs are simple and powerful, combining earthly lyrics with ace tunes and her poignant violin playing.
What I’m saying is, she’s a major talent folks.

The rest of her latest release Carrying Lightning contains many other  excellent songs.
There are rocky songs like “Ghost Bird” and “She let go of her kite” and some quiet burners like “Love Be a Bird” and “Sloe Gin”.
My personal favorites are “Swimmer” whose lyrics give the album its title and the utterly gorgeous love ballad “Kudzu”.

So how do you get from 23k viewings to a few millions?

All the girl needs is a break.
Some Hollywood producer to put “Kudzu” in a memorable scene in a successful romantic movie and then BOOM.

I’m looking at you Pixar.

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4 Responses to Dope is the thing with feathers: introducing Amanda Shires

  1. Having just had Amanda Shires at our home, I can honestly say her voice is amazing!

    • Thisboysmind says:

      If I were the type to be really jealous, I’d be really jealous right now

      Glad you stumbled upon my blog and give Ms. Shires my regards if you see her.

      All the best.

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  3. Iris says:

    and when she needs her nails done the nail bar is closed ;(

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