12 Random observations about Game of Thrones season 2

Game of Thrones is a guilty pleasure.

The plots are mostly not that compelling, most of the characters are flat characters making round character noises and the fantasy element is almost nonexistent.

Add to that the fact that 40% of the dialogues consist of characters recounting their past deeds (thankfully less often since king Robert died) and the baffling amount of gratuitous violence and nudity displayed and  it sometimes makes me wonder why I’m watching it.

I watch it because the production values are amazing, the actors are British, some of the dialogue is brilliant and some of the violence is gorgeous, as is some of  the T&A on display.
But mostly I watch it for Arya Stark, easily the best thing on the show.

With the second season concluded, here are some random observations on the show.

1 Chekhov’s gun, Game of Thrones version:
If a woman appears in the first act, her breasts will make an appearance by the third act.

2 Episode 5 is the first episode not to feature nudity.
It also contains the best scenes in the show’s entire two seasons.
Coincidence? I think not.

3 Robb Stark is a true heir to his father.
His tiresome presence slows down every scene he’s in.

4 Alfie Allen who plays Theon Greyjoy really reminds me of John Hurt; especially his sickly complexion.
I keep waiting for some dragon to burst out of his stomach.

5 Getting the 3 best characters in the season together in one fortress provided the best continuous dialogue of the show.

6 Now that he’s left the king’s guard, I think The Hound would make a wonderful dread pirate Roberts.

7 The sassy redhead was wrong; what Jon Snow is longing for and so desperately needs isn’t sex; it’s character development.

8 Meanwhile across the narrow sea, Daenerys Targaryen has fallen under the reset spell.
She was back to being the same overwhelmed little girl she changed from by the end of the first season.
I’d bring her to therapy but I need the eggs.

9 The scene between the spice king and Daenerys was a delightful battle between naivety and sarcasm.
Too bad sarcasm lost in the end.

10 Littlefinger’s way of talking is just wonderful.
He sounds like he’s reciting an epic poem with a rhythm that’s constantly slithering somewhere.

11 I know Margery Tyrell wants to be a queen, even The Queen; but to me she has cocktail waitress written all over her.

12 If Peter Dinklage won an Emmy for best supporting actor, shouldn’t Jerome Flynn who plays his PA Bronn get one for supporting a supporting actor?
He’s been stealing every scene he’s in from Mr Emmy and the rest.

Looking forward to season 3, unless it turns out that the white walkers possess powers of speech and start rattling on about their youth experiences.

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